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Music Bringing in The New Year!

Jan 5, 03:50 PM

Hello fine folks, and happy 2010!

Here we are on the first Monday of the new year, and I find my (escapist) self thinking of vacation times. My last days of 2009 were spent in lazy revelry. However, this is not to say that it was entirely unproductive. Although on break from the music classroom, music took over the holiday. This is mostly because the little ones in my family find it wildly entertaining. We sang loudly and made up crazy lyrics. Then there was Guitar Hero. I managed to delight a room of seven little nieces and nephews with my unprecedented skill. Unprecedented. I felt quite good about it. Two year old Livvy felt that I should share more.

But I digress. The point here is that Guitar Hero is really fun, and as a music educator, I am conflicted about that. Accessible and experiential exposure to music: yay! Plugging into someone else’s electronic song formula: boo! Doesn’t it kill the soul and rigour? Well, yes… if that was our only hands-on connection to music. However, let me fill you in on the bewitching goings on of Christmas night. Seven year old Jackson had a “Red Rider BB Gun moment”. It was in the form of his first, real-live guitar. This was not a fast paced, over-stimlutaing thing of parties, but a magical wooden instrument that sat on a stand and received only reverent and hesitant touches.

After our lesson, Jackson was playing both the D and A Major chords. We continued our loud singing from earlier on, although this time with accompaniment provided by a very proud seven year old. Jackson wrote a song about a butterfly from Mexico. He made up a new strumming pattern. He then wrote out the strumming rhythm in crayon. I was a proud auntie. We took a break and hopped around like crazy people in front of the Guitar Hero screen. Perhaps I am not so conflicted. To each music maker, I tip my hat. But the Mariposa Song is already a family classic!

Wishing you a music filled 2010


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